Online Assessments

Putting science behind our selection

We help to simplify the recruitment screening by using online assessments to measure the aptitude, ability, personality, and behavioral traits of candidates which assists in predicting the way they will perform in a job. These traits and behaviours are critical in many jobs and they cannot be accurately assessed using traditional recruitment techniques alone, such as resume screening, interviews, and reference checks. In addition, it can also help reduce employee turnover by accurately identifying and selecting employees with desirable traits, who are competent and have a good cultural fit for the business.

Outside of the recruitment process, our online assessments can also be utilised to provide a valuable source of information to help businesses get the most out of existing employees and assist with employees’ career and management development.

Our online assessments include:


Offered based on client request.


Our aptitude assessments provide holistic cognitive evaluation.


Simplify your tech hiring and training with our automated online coding tests and save time in identifying the best Programmers.


Helps IT companies to evaluate the candidate’s depth of knowledge and aptitude to quickly identify talented employees to succeed in the industry.


These tests are specific to the job roles, competency framework and proficiency levels.


This test is modelled on the Big Five Personality Traits.

Benefits of Online Assessments

Reduce the risk of a bad hire

Makes the process rigorous

Access in additional information on candidates

It present a professional company brand

All conducted online